When purchasing a home, it is important to make sure the property is in good condition and free of hidden problems. To ensure this, it is advisable to hire a home inspector who is both qualified and registered as a builder, especially in Western Australia.

A registered builder has the necessary skills and knowledge to thoroughly evaluate the property and identify any necessary repairs. They are required to maintain their expertise through ongoing training and professional development, and are held to high standards of professionalism and ethics. Additionally, they are covered by professional indemnity insurance in case of a claim.

In contrast, an unregistered inspector may not have the same level of ability, experience, or impartiality, which could result in an incomplete or biased inspection report. They may also lack the same level of protection, putting the buyer at risk of a costly legal battle.

It is important to thoroughly research and vet any inspector, regardless of their registration status. Consider their credentials, reputation in the industry, references from past clients, and insurance coverage.

At Inspector West, we understand the importance of a comprehensive and accurate home inspection. As registered builders, we have the necessary qualifications, knowledge, and experience to evaluate a property thoroughly. We are committed to providing home buyers in Western Australia with the highest level of professionalism and impartiality in our inspection reports.

Our team stays up to date with the latest industry standards and ongoing professional development to deliver the best possible service to our clients. We pride ourselves on delivering high-quality home inspections and strive to exceed our client’s expectations every time.

Choosing Inspector West for your home inspection gives you peace of mind that your investment is in good hands. Our commitment to professionalism, impartiality, and insurance coverage means that you can trust us to deliver an accurate and comprehensive inspection report. We are passionate about our work and always searching for defects to ensure that your property is up to standard.

If you are looking for a reliable, qualified, and registered home inspector in Western Australia, Inspector West is the right choice.

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